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The Downfall of Governor Cuomo.

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo has recently come under fire for fudging the reporting of deaths coming from nursing homes. According to The New York Times, Governor Cuomo and his aides had withheld data regarding nursing home deaths caused by COVID-19, reporting numbers that were 50% lower than the actual total.

I am old enough to remember when Cuomo was given an Emmy — yes, an Emmy — for his “masterful” handling of COVID-19 briefings back in 2020, that is certainly not aging well.

However, it would appear that the same media who lifted Gov. Cuomo to praise and affection are now casting him into fire and brimstone. Rightfully so, since Cuomo played victim far too long in the pandemic, attributing all his administration’s shortcomings to the federal government.

Now, full disclosure, I am not making a case for the Trump administration's handling of COVID-19. This blog serves to critique Cuomo, and observe how the court of public opinion has reached a guilty verdict on their former COVID-19 champion.

Accompanying these reports of data mishandling are a slew of sexual harassment allegations facing the governor. Numerous women are starting to come forward with claims of unwanted sexual remarks and physical contact they experienced during encounters with Cuomo.

I hope that all these claims are taken seriously, carefully investigated, and that Cuomo is given full due process of the law. This is my take with all sexual harassment claims — regardless of the accused’s party affiliation or gender.

As more evidence emerges, I will likely blog again, but as of right now, I am with the camp calling for his resignation. However, Cuomo announced recently he has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

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